My Best Friend...My dog!

My Best Friend...My dog!

Posted by Maritza Pitaluag on Feb 15th 2014

Dogs are known as man's best friend.  The saying cannot be understated as we all have or know someone that loves their dog.  

Our company began when the artist Omar wanted to commemorate his love to his dog a Argentine Dogo.  Being a jeweler by trade he decided to make a piece for himself to wear on a necklace.  This lead to friends and family asking Omar to make a piece of their dog.  As Omar worked on creating these special pieces he learned that these jewelry pieces where not just a jewelry piece but represented much more.  The pieces represented the owner's love for their dog. 

Customers have expressed that their pieces not only have a special meaning to them, but it allows them to share their passion and love of their animal. It allows others to admire and ask about the pieces they wear. For those memorable occasions, the pieces can be engraved in the back with a note of the keepsake.

During his 25 years of making designs he has enjoyed bringing jewelry pieces that owners cherish forever.   The company has grown to represent over 3000  animal designs.  Omar has created earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets of man's best friend. 

Throughout the years Omar has also designed cats, horses, monkeys, and other animals for customers that were looking to commemorate that special memory.

Diamonds are valued for what they represent, a wedding, a anniversary that special occasion but know you can include our animal jewelry to those important moments.  We want you to experience the joy that wearing our animal jewelry and how it represents your love to Men's best friend.